Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do! The shipping rate will be automatically calculated during the checkout process. If you need a quote or have any shipping questions you can join us on discord and ask us. International shipping may translate into importing fees, we suggest that you double check with your local postal delivery before ordering.

Will the cable work out of the box?

Of course! We take every precaution to make sure your cable will get to you safely. We double test it before shipping, and we put a lot of effort into packaging to avoid any issues that could occure to your precious cable during the trip. If for any reason your cable does not work, please reach out to us on discord and we will make sure you get a working cable.

How does the coils work?

Coils are an amazing aesthetic feature! They add a great touch to your setup. Even though we make sure our coils are made the best way they can be, they remain fragile and do not support long-time stretches as well as aggressive handling. Not taking care of them will result in distortions.   When you order a coil, it does not add to the total length of the cable.


If you order a 30cm coil with a 1.5m meter cable you will get a 1.5m cable.

Is the payment secure ?

We chose to use Paypal as a solution because of its safey features (for both the vendor and the client). Your payment is safe, and we do not store any sensitive informations on our side. Also you are covered by the Paypal Buyer Protection.

How much time does it take to receive my cable

We try to process orders as fast as we can. Typical wait time between order made and cable received is around 2 weeks. This time is an indication and can be longer or shorter. We try everything to make everyone happy if you have any questions about your order. please contact us on Discord.

Return Policy

If your cable does not make you happy, we will try our best to fix any issues you might have. If nothing can be done we can refund your order on receipt of the cable you bought.

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